Donations from the Town

The Town of Atoka is committed to positively impacting the community by providing financial assistance to local schools, churches, organizations and charities.  Under Tennessee State Law, the Town may allocate funding to non-profit charitable or non-profit civic organizations that, in the Town's opinion, provide services that benefit the Town and its residents.

The Town attempts to fulfill as many requests as possible and cannot guarantee that every donation request will be met. Funds for donation are approved each year during the annual budget process and then allocated by a resolution of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen during the fiscal year.

The Town of Atoka places priority on giving to qualified 501(C)3 charitable organizations and non-profit institutions whose primary service area is or includes the municipality.  Priority is given to charitable organizations who have received support in the past and who remain in good standing with the Town.

Review the Donation Request Policy and Application Form