Fire Department

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The motto of the Atoka Fire Department (AFD) is "Protecting What Matters Most" - but it's so much more than a motto.  It is, in fact, a way of life for the dedicated professionals that protect the residents and businesses of Atoka and South Tipton County. Established in 2014 and standing up as an operational Department on July 1, 2015, the Department provides primary protection for more than 10,000 area residents from 2 different Atoka Stations, located on Walker Parkway and Atoka McLaughlin Drive. 

The Department is comprised of both paid and volunteer fire fighters and is led by Chief Justin McMillian. The Atoka Fire Department is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) department, providing the best possible pre-hospital care, with a full time staff of 16 and 10 volunteer reserves, including 7 Firefighter/Paramedics and 8 Firefighter/Advanced EMT's. 

The AFD responds to all types of emergencies including structure fires, wild land fires, vehicular accidents, search and rescue missions, medical, and a host of mutual aid situations. The Department responds with a fleet of three engines, one brush truck and various support trailers and smaller equipment. Automatic aid agreements provide access to a platform aerial ladder, additional engines and brush trucks.

Beyond fire suppression and rescue services, the AFD provides fire safety inspections for all businesses in the community twice a year, maintains a fire hydrant system of more than 600 operational fire hydrants and provides emergency weather notification through a five-siren civil defense alert system. The Atoka Fire Department provides public education and fire safety lessons as well as participating in the "Get Alarmed, Tennessee" program which helps provide free smoke detectors in the area.

Contact the Fire Department

Atoka Fire Department Station 2
684 Walker Parkway
Phone: (901) 837-5322

Atoka Fire Department Station 1
108 Atoka McLaughlin Drive
Phone: (901) 837- 5342

Emergency 911