Register a Complaint

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The Town of Atoka and its Police Department are committed to providing the best possible service to our citizens and visitors.  We set a high standard for professional conduct, fairness, and courtesy.  

If you believe any of our employees has acted in an inappropriate or unprofessional manner, or you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, you may file a complaint directly with the Atoka Police Department.  All complaints will receive a fair and thorough investigation to ensure our members are meeting the standards we have set and are in full compliance with the laws of our town, state, and country.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of formal discontent or accusation made in writing or verbally alleging illegal activity, misconduct, or a violation of the Atoka Police Department Policy and Procedures by a member of the department.    

What information do I need to include in my complaint?

All complaints should include the following information:

  • Name and contact information (address, phone number(s) and email address)
  • Date and time of incident(s)
  • Name of officer(s) involved (if known)
  • Location of incident
  • Description of incident (as specific and complete as possible)
  • Name and contact information for any witness(es)

How will the complaint be investigated?

It will be assigned to a police supervisor for a full, fair, and objective investigation. Upon completion of the investigation, a recommendation is made by the supervising officer of the involved employee to the Chief of Police for disposition. The Chief of Police may concur with the recommendation, modify the disposition, or order further investigation.

Does this process address guilt or innocence of the APD employee or the person making the complaint?

No.  The signed complaint prompts an administrative investigation to determine if the Department member acted according to APD Policy and Procedures.  Dispositions for the administrative investigation are concluded as outlined below.

All citizen complaints and internal investigations are assigned specific allegation classifications.  Each allegation requires the accused employee's supervising officer to recommend one of the below listed findings to the Chief of Police.

 Sustained:  Sufficient evidence to prove allegation.  The incident occurred, the accused employee committed the act, and it was in violation of a departmental rule or order.

Not Sustained:  Insufficient evidence to prove or disprove allegation.  The incident may or may not have occurred and/or the overall evidence is not enough to establish that a violation occurred.

Exonerated:  Incident occurred, but employee's actions were proper.  The employee did essentially what the citizen alleges they did, but the actions were reasonable, proper, and consistent with current policies and/or training.

Unfounded:  Allegation is proven to be false.  The evidence clearly demonstrates that the event did not occur, or if it did occur, the accused employee is not the person responsible for committing it.

Allegations that may result in criminal charges being placed against a APD employee are first investigated by the appropriate criminal investigative office.  Once the criminal investigation is concluded, an administrative investigation is launched to determine if any Department Policy and Procedures were violated.

The administrative investigation and the disposition outcome of the complaint against an APD employee have no impact upon any pending criminal court proceedings, actions, or charges against the complainant.

What happens if an employee is found to have acted outside of the APD policy and procedures?

Any employee found to be outside of the Department’s policy and procedures will be subject to corrective action. The Police Department follows the Town of Atoka disciplinary policy of progressive corrective action.  Corrective action depends on the rule violation and ranges from additional training and coaching to possible separation from the Department.

Will I be notified of the disposition?

Yes, if you have provided your contact information, you will be notified of the disposition in writing.  The investigative process can take up to six months to complete, depending on the complexity of the investigation.

Where do I file my complaint?

You must report to the Atoka Police Department Headquarters to file an official complaint.  You will be asked to provide details surrounding the complaint and you will sign your document for authenticity.

You may report to the Atoka Police Department Headquarters at any time to do so.

Atoka Police Department Headquarters
68 Atoka McLaughlin Drive
Atoka, TN  38004-4836

Phone 901.837.5302