Staff Directory

The Town of Atoka employs an outstanding team of dedicated public servants to provide a full range of municipal services to the residents of and visitors to our community.  Across six Departments, Town staff members are working, around the clock, to keep our community safe and to be sure that Atoka remains a great place to call home.  

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Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Marc Woerner Town Administrator (901) 837-5300
Administration/Planning Amanda Faurbo Assistant to the Town Administrator (901) 837-5300
Administration Debbie Pickard Town Recorder (901) 837-5300
Administration Rachel Covarrubias Deputy Recorder (901) 837-5300
Administration Juanita Ayers Tax Clerk (901) 837-5300
Elected Officials Barry L. Akin Mayor (901) 837-5300
Elected Officials Danny Feldmayer Vice Mayor /Alderman
Elected Officials Brett Giannini Alderman (901) 545-9623
Elected Officials John Harber Alderman
Elected Officials Cody Pace Alderman (901) 857-7473
Elected Officials Christy Renfrow Alderwoman (901) 604-5355
Elected Officials Chris Schaeffer, Jr. Alderman
Fire Department Justin McMillian Fire Chief
Fire Department Chance Hall Lieutenant
Fire Department Devin Kinney Lieutenant
Fire Department Ray Pelletier Lieutenant
Fire Department Bill Scott Lieutenant
Fire Department Matt Taylor Lieutenant
Fire Department Brad Craig Firefighter/ Paramedic
Fire Department Andrew Stroud Firefighter / Paramedic
Fire Department Sean Carter Fire Fighter/ A-EMT
Fire Department Brett Kirk Firefighter / A-EMT
Fire Department Donnie Phillips Fire Fighter/ A-EMT
Fire Department Dylan Sykes Firefighter/ A-EMT
Fire Department Tony Cavallo Fire Fighter/ B-EMT
Fire Department Dustin Pindell Firefighter/ B-EMT
Fire Department Hunter Long Fire Fighter/ EMR
Parks & Recreation Dorothy Isbell Parks & Recreation Director (901) 837-5306
Parks & Recreation Maggie Johnson Programs Coordinator (901) 837-5313
Parks & Recreation Jerry Webster Park Maintenance Lead
Planning and Inspection Jessie Ratliff Clerk (901) 837-5300
Police Department Anthony Rudolph Police Chief (901) 837-5302
Police Department Chris Ellwood Captain (901) 837-5302
Police Department Kristen Doty Court Clerk (901) 837-5302
Police Department James Strickland Lieutenant (901) 837-5302
Police Department Daniel Jacobs Investigator (901) 837-5302
Police Department Amanda Swain Investigator (901) 837-5302
Police Department Joseph Black Sergeant (901) 837-5302
Police Department Chris Covarrubias Corporal (901) 837-5302
Police Department Dylan Daniel Corporal (901) 837-5302
Police Department Josh Durham Police Officer (901) 837-5302
Police Department Justin Hudson Police Officer (901) 837-5302
Police Department Rick Singletary Police Officer (901) 837-5302
Police Department Lydia Hubbard Police Officer (901) 837-5302
Police Department Colton Hutcheson Police Officer (901) 837-5302
Police Department Austin Palanki Police Officer (901) 837-5302
Public Works Wesley Yarbrough Public Works Director (901) 837-5300
Public  Works Natalie Taube Clerk (901) 837-5300
Public Works Wayne Sulcer Water Operator (901) 837-5300
Public Works Jesse Russom Operator (901) 837-5300
Public Works Mason Cannon Service Worker (901) 837-5300