Board of Mayor and Alderman

Board of Mayor and Aldermen

The Board of Mayor & Aldermen is vested with the legislative authority of Town government and sets the strategic vision and guidance for Town operations. The Board sets policy through the annual budget process and by passing ordinances and resolutions. The Board approves the budget, appoints and supervises the Town Administrator, confirms nominations to various Boards and Commissions, and generally oversees Town functions. 

The Board is comprised of six (6) Aldermen - all elected at-large in the community - who are elected to serve four-year terms. The Mayor is elected to a four-year term by the Town at-large and serves as the head of the Board.  

The Board holds its regular meeting on the second Tuesday of every month. The Board meets at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room at 334 Atoka-Munford Avenue. There is a public comment period at every Board meeting and the public is welcome to attend. 

If you would like to contact all of your alderman about any concerns that you may have please email: If you would like to contact individual alderman, please email them directly at their email addresses below.  They are here to serve you as citizens and always welcome discussions. 

Mayor Barry Akin
Term Expires: 2026

44 W. Cherrybark Drive 
Atoka, Tennessee  38004

Phone : (901) 663-4987

Alderman Danny Feldmayer  - Vice Mayor
Term Expires :  2026

334 Atoka Munford Avenue
Atoka, Tennessee  38004image1322021313012021pm

Phone :  (901) 487-1738 
Public Works Committee Chair
Term Expires :  2024
Alderman Brett Giannini
Term Expires : 2024

94 Jeanette Cove
Atoka, Tennessee  38004Brett_Giannini_01-27-2014_024909
Phone: (901) 545-9623 
Public Safety Committee Chair
Term Expires : 2024
Alderman John Harber
Term Expires : 2026

128 Beverly Drive
Atoka, Tennessee  38004Alderman Harber - Copy

Phone : (901) 870-3485
Public Safety Vice Chair
Term Expires : 2024
Alderman Cody Pace
Term Expires: 2024

357 Thomas Street. 
Atoka, Tennessee  38004Alderman Pace - Copy
Phone :(901) 857-7473 

Public Works Committee Vice-Chair
Term Expires: 2024
Alderwoman Christy Renfrow
Term Expires : 2024

334 Atoka Munford Avenue
Atoka, Tennessee  38004image1322021401012021pm

Phone :  (901) 604-5355

Finance and Administration Chair
Term Expires : 2024
Alderman Christopher Schaeffer, Jr.
Term Expires : 2026

334 Atoka Munford Avenue
Atoka, Tennessee 38004

Finance and Administration Vice Chair
Term Expires : 2024